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2022 has been an excellent year for the development of shared micromobility. With the building of new cycling infrastructures and the implementation of regulations to limit transportation pollution, active mobility has become an indispensable tool to restructure cities. 

With nearly 100,000 PBSC bikes deployed around the world today, we are proud to have raised the bike-sharing movement around the world once again. PBSC Urban Solutions is now ready to start 2023 "with a bang"! 

Prior to looking ahead, let's take one last look back at 2022, a year full of accomplishments for PBSC and our partners with launches, expansions, records and a presence on the international scene.

PBSC's 2022 worldwide growth 

This year, PBSC crossed new borders by launching our bike sharing solutions in Romania, with the deployment of new systems in the cities of Sibiu & Santana, and in Colombia, where we launched a major bike sharing system in the capital city of Bogota

We also continue to expand our global footprint by deploying our equipment and technology in new cities, including La Coruña in Spain, Pittsburgh in the United States and Nordelta in Argentina. 

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Finally, we are proud to have deployed our first multimodal solution in the city of Chicago for its Divvy system. By incorporating multimodal stations into the program, the city's residents and tourists alike can now dock and secure e-scooters alongside the system's bikes and e-bikes at one of our smart stations. 

Expansions that empower bike sharing 

With the growing popularity of bike sharing and active mobility, some of our largest systems around the world have expanded their fleets and geographical zones to more neighborhoods. 

In Montreal, Dubai, Honolulu, Quebec City, São Paulo, Valence, Toronto and London, bike-sharing systems have experienced major expansions, mostly welcoming electric bikes. In fact, Careem Bike in Dubai has deployed an additional 950 E-FIT e-bikes into its fleet. In London, Santander Cycles welcomed its first 500 E-FIT e-bikes to its fleet. 

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E-bikes make people happy! Indeed, electric pedal-assist bikes democratize bike-sharing by making active travel more accessible to a wider range of people, including those who might hesitate to use a regular bike for a variety of reasons that might include the distance of the trip, physical limitations, required effort or other concerns.

More and more people are embracing bike-sharing!

We would like to congratulate our partners who have achieved record numbers of rides and members!

In just one year:

  • Santander Cycles in London recorded more than 12.6 million rides.
  • In Montreal, more than 9 million trips were taken in a single season.
  • In Toronto, Clermont-Ferrand and Quebec City, bike-sharing systems have also grown in popularity with exceptional records. 

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Since their launches: 

  • In Guadalajara, Mexico, the MiBici system saw a huge increase in subscribers, as the system reached 20 million rides on its bikes this year since its launch in 2014.
  • Our partner Tembici registers more than 70 million trips in Brazil, Argentina and Chile.
  • Since 2019, MonaBike in Monaco has recorded more than one million rides.
  • Finally, MoGo in Detroit and Biki in Honolulu reached a milestone of 5 million trips each.  

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Our vision statement for 2023 

With the growing popularity of bike sharing and our ambition to make the world better and healthier, our vision for 2023 is clear. We will continue to expand the bike-sharing movement to more cities, providing a healthy, sustainable, active, inclusive and affordable mode of transportation.

This is made possible thanks to all of our partners, thank you for this amazing year! 

We are now ready to kick off 2023. While we've already announced the deployment of our solutions in cities like Valladolid, Dej and Iasi and the expansion of our existing systems, including those in Porto Alegre, Quebec City and Toronto. 

We haven't told you everything yet! Stay tuned with PBSC to discover new and exciting projects in 2023! 

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