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Held in Ghent, Belgium, from June 18th to 21st, Velocity 2024 is a pivotal event where advocates, city planners, policymakers, and industry leaders converge to shape the future of cycling and sustainable urban development. This year, PBSC proudly sponsored the event, aligning with Velocity’s motto, "Connecting through cycling." Participating in such events is not just about networking; it's about driving forward the conversation on accessible, inclusive, and sustainable mobility solutions.

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As a dedicated member of Cycling Industries Europe (CIE), we were proud to have taken part in the panel session "CIE: Which are the best ranking bike share cities in 2024 and why?". To learn more about Anthony Rinaldi’s insights from this impactful session, read our column on Zag Daily’s website. 

Showcasing our deep involvement, Alessia Di Maio and Louis-Philippe Rioux delivered insightful presentations on critical topics. Alessia highlighted PBSC's commitment to diversity, inclusion, and accessibility through bike-sharing. Meanwhile, Louis-Philippe discussed PBSC’s projects in Romania, detailing its opportunities, impacts, and benefits.

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Let’s explore their presentations and see how these themes resonate with our mission!


PBSC's bike-share solutions play a pivotal role in promoting diversity in urban mobility. These solutions empower cities to enhance safety and accessibility through innovative features. In Guadalajara, BKT Bici Pública has installed 20 panic buttons on its MiBici stations in high-risk areas. This initiative has significantly increased the safety of the system, leading to a rise in female users from 30% in 2014 to 54% in 2021, with over 3,000 women using MiBici bikes daily. 

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In Madrid, the Bicimad solution, which offers a fully-electric fleet, boasts 44% female users, compared with 35% in 2019 (when the system was provided by a former supplier). By providing user-friendly e-bikes, PBSC supports diverse demographics, making cycling an attractive option for more people. 


Our solutions support cities and operators in developing inclusive bike-sharing options that cater to diverse needs. In Sibiu, Romania, the city introduced 12 tricycles into its bike-share fleet, 8 of them are designed for seniors while the other 4 are for people with disabilities. Thanks to our triangle locking device, these tricycles can be docked into Sibiu Bike City’s stations alongside the system’s bikes,  allowing more people to benefit from active mobility. 


By offering multimodal systems that include a variety of vehicles, such as bikes, e-bikes, and e-scooters, PBSC ensures there are suitable options for different needs and constraints, enhancing accessibility. In Chicago, the Divvy system introduced 1,200 docked PBSC e-scooters in May 2022, completing more than 1.9 million rides since launch. Similarly, in Chattanooga, the Bike Chattanooga program integrated our e-scooters, facilitating over 3,200 trips since launch in December 2023. 

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In Bogotá and Dubai, our partners added kids' chairs to their bike-share fleets, making it possible for families to ride together. These initiatives highlight how cities are creating accessible, user-friendly mobility solutions that cater to the diverse needs of urban populations. 


EU funds have provided equitable access to resources for developing sustainable mobility infrastructures in Romania. Indeed, cities like Sibiu, Sântana, Moinesti, and Hunedoara, among others, have launched their first ever bike-share systems with support from EU funds, as part of the Regional Operational Program. The introduction of bike-sharing in these Romanian cities addresses a significant need for active and sustainable transportation options, resulting in a positive impact on residents, cities and the environment. 

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The numbers speak for themselves! VeloCorvin in Hunedoara registered over 27,000 trips in less than a month of operation, underscoring the high enthusiasm for the system. Sibiu Bike City has recorded over 160,000 journeys since its launch in 2022 and boasts 26,000 members. 

PBSC was thrilled to be a main sponsor and contributor at this year’s Velocity Conference. We believe these crucial discussions drive the advancement of urban mobility and enrich the industry. Velocity's motto resonates for PBSC as our commitment drives us to foster a more accessible, inclusive, equitable and sustainable world through our micromobility solutions. We look forward to continuing this journey and sharing more insights at Velocity 2025. See you next year!

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