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Have a look at our first multimodal smart stations in action in the city of Chicago!

Among PBSC's innovative solutions that we believe will change the world one city at a time comes our multimodal solution. Smart stations are designed and developed by PBSC and can accommodate different types of shared micromobility vehicles, whether they are electric or mechanical.

We are pleased to announce that our first multimodal smart stations are now in use in Chicago, USA. Indeed, it is now possible to dock shared e-scooters in the existing stations of the city's bike-sharing system.

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PBSC's innovation, a state-of-the-art technology

We know that micromobility is evolving rapidly, and that its expansion goes beyond bike-sharing. That's why we have developed a station that can lock, secure, and charge electric scooters alongside our bikes and e-bikes. This is made possible by our smart docking system.

The state-of-the-art system has been securing our bikes for over 13 years in PBSC bike-sharing programs around the world.

Once the vehicles are docked in the station, the smart device communicates the data directly to the control center, which allows for an optimal system management. 

A win-win solution

By providing commuters with a variety of transportation options, multimodality enhances the user experience, giving riders the choice to select the most appropriate mode of transportation. Multimodality is even more beneficial when it is integrated into a single system. With our multimodal stations, users subscribe to a single membership program that provides them with a variety of transportation options. This combines accessibility and practicality.

This innovative solution is also beneficial for cities as it optimizes the use of infrastructure by combining various modes of transportation into a single infrastructure. In addition, docking shared scooters in stations helps to avoid clutter on the sidewalk. Finally, our multimodal stations also help to reduce operational costs.

In Chicago, the new multimodal system is a hit!

The Divvy system in Chicago is the first shared mobility solution to experiment with this multimodal innovation. In May 2022, Lyft Chicago's system provider and operator, integrated 1000 electric scooters  into the fleet, all equipped with PBSC’s smart solution.

This first multimodal system is a success! Since its introduction four months ago, the system has set new records for customer uptake, with more than 927,000 journeys recorded on the system's vehicles in July alone. The Divvy e-scooters have a high-usage rate, confirming the interest of Chicagoans in this new urban transport option.

Capture_d’ecran_le_2022-09-26_a_11.55.07.png (1.94 MB)

A forward-looking vision

As the integration of multimodal stations in cities such as Chicago promotes the creation of mobility hubs, we're improving the mobility experience for users and allowing cities to be more organized and vehicles to be safer.

However, PBSC's vision doesn't end there! Keeping our users' well-being in mind, we want to give everyone the power to choose the most suitable means of transportation for each of their journey. That's why we've come up with a way to charge a variety of  types of urban mobility vehicles within the same multimodal station. A vision that could ultimately change the world of mobility.

Since multimodality is one of the key industry trends, we're confident that the world will continue to develop towards multimodal mobility. We are proud to be able to contribute to this change by providing cities with customized solutions and innovations that fit their unique needs!


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