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Careem Bike features smart charging stations, able to dock, secure and recharge the electric fleet.

A solution in sync with Medina's Vision 2030 plan

As a holy city, Medina is one of the most popular and historic cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With the development of its Vision 2030 program, promoting accessibility, equality and sustainability, Medina aims to have a positive impact on the local population and the environment. 

To achieve its objectives, the city implemented a new sustainable and accessible urban micromobility solution. In collaboration with our operating partner Careem, we implemented Medina's new bike-sharing solution.

An innovative fully-electric system 

Medina's fully electric solution, composed of our popular E-FIT e-bikes, is perfectly in line with the city's and its residents' needs. Indeed, our fun & lightweight pedal-assist electric bikes are the perfect option for the city's hilly roads and arid climate, allowing commuters to get around quickly, effortlessly, and without fear of breaking a sweat.

The city’s solution is also equipped with our innovative charging stations. These smart stations are able to dock, and secure the e-bikes, while recharging the batteries, offering a continuous access to the fleet's vehicles.

PBSC is delighted to contribute to the city's development by providing its residents with an active and sustainable mobility option accessible to the greatest number!

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