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From Brazil to Chile, Argentina, and now, Colombia, PBSC Urban Solutions is delighted to share some exciting news about our ongoing collaboration with Tembici, our operating partner in 11 of our successful bike share systems throughout Latin America! As of September 30, 2022,  Bogotá, Colombia’s capital, is the latest metropolis to join the PBSC and Tembici bike share family with the launch of its brand new bike share system, Sistema de Bicicletas Compartidas de Bogotá.

We are pleased to provide Bogotá with our equipment and technologies as the city deploys the first phase of what will become one of the largest bike-sharing systems in Latin America. In order to meet the diverse public transit needs of Bogotá’s population of 11 million, the brand new bike share system will include a modern and robust mixed fleet of 1,650 mechanical FIT bikes, 1,650 E-FIT electric bikes, as well as 300 PBSC Smart Stations. The system aims to be fully implemented by the end of October.

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Born through a partnership between the District Mobility Secretariat (SDM) and the system’s operator Tembici (a fast-growing and dynamic leader in Latin America’s micromobility industry), Bogotá’s sustainable micromobility solution includes stations strategically dispersed within a 27-km perimeter around the city, including the districts of Usaquén, Chapinero, Barrios Unidos, Santa Fe, and La Candelaria.

“As PBSC’s presence in the Latin American bike share market continues to grow thanks to our successful partnership with Tembici, we’re excited to launch our first system in Colombia and contribute to the city's cycling development goal. We look forward to seeing Bogotá’s population embrace bike sharing as part of their daily life, and all the advantages that it can bring,” says Gian-Carlo Crivello, Chief Relationship Officer of PBSC.

To celebrate the launch of Bogotá’s customized system, let’s get up close and personal with our sleek and lively E-FIT. This popular pedal-assist electric bike model features best-in-class ergonomic design, a lightweight aluminum frame, and a 250-watt Brose motor that can propel cyclists up to 32 km/h. It is the perfect bike to navigate the city’s hills, and is ideal for those slightly longer trips, such as commutes to work, without having to deal with traffic congestion. For cyclists who prefer a mechanical bike, our fun and friendly FIT model fits right into Bogotá’s transit infrastructure. 

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Bogotá’s reputation as a bike-friendly city is well earned: First, the city has more than 550 km of dedicated bike lanes, according to this 2020 report by Jean-Marc Four for franceinfo, among other sources. As a reference for bike culture, Bogotá is also known as the birthplace of Ciclovia, a weekly Sunday cycling event that began in 1974 and closes many streets access to cars. 

The Colombian capital goes even further, as many government laws and initiatives are implemented to promote the culture of cycling as an eco-friendly mobility. Being a sustainable, healthy and active means of transportation, the city's new bike-sharing system is totally in sync with the city's environmental objectives.

With more than 10,000 of our PBSC e-bikes deployed in over 18 cities across the globe, we couldn’t be prouder that our beloved E-FITs are an integral component of the global bike share movement, improving health and happiness as well as the environment. Together, our FITs and E-FITs are a Bogotá cyclist’s dream team, offering locals and tourists the best of both bicycle worlds for this exciting new system

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