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Our smart stations live up to their name. They lock and secure bikes and can also automatically and quickly charge e-bikes.

Valladolid's Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan 

Known for its impressive historical architectural heritage, Valladolid is also a modern and dynamic city. With the development of its strategy to promote sustainable mobility, the city is implementing various initiatives to develop and encourage eco-friendly and shared transportation.

Biki, Valladolid's new bike share system, fits perfectly into the city's environmental objectives as it is a customized and eco-friendly solution that offers Valladolid's 300,000 inhabitants an active, healthy and sustainable way to travel.

Biki, the new solution that transforms Valladolid's mobility

Biki brings a modern twist to the Spanish city. With the implementation of a brand new solution featuring a unique and trendy design, the city's residents and tourists can now easily and quickly get around the city.

The system, operated by Movus, consists of a mixed fleet of regular FIT bikes and E-FIT electric bikes, as well as our smart stations, which dock, secure and automatically and quickly recharge the e-bikes at the station. By going with a mixed fleet, the city is making active travel more accessible to a wider range of people. 

"We are excited about this latest deployment and our ongoing expansion in Spain as we continue to provide Valladolid, as well as cities around the world, with reliable and sustainable bike-sharing solutions that meet riders' needs and cities' environmental goals. We look forward to seeing Valladolid residents cycling on our bikes" says Gian-Carlo Crivello, CRO at PBSC. 

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