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PBSC’s reliability, innovation, and fun have inspired 400 million rides and counting, while embracing the power of bike sharing for active people, smart cities, and a healthy planet!

Roll back into PBSC® history...

The collective power of micromobility.

Here’s the tale behind the pedals. Since launching in 2008, PBSC Urban Solutions has helped establish the worldwide bike share movement, setting new industry standards for technology, design, safety, efficiency, and fun.

We create customized micromobility solutions that improve quality of life for cities, communities, and people.

Our values

We like to say we’re changing the world, one city at a time. How do we do it? Together as one team, driven by passion, performance, and imagination.


The PSBC team cares, intensely, about a lot of things! Committed, generous, and ambitious, we share a will to succeed. We believe in doing the right thing, having fun, and bringing health, empathy, and happiness to the world.


Performance is a way of life at PBSC. We gaze beyond our goals so we can surpass them, and are pros at efficiency and agility. We’re inspired to make a difference for future generations.


Dare to dream? Creative, curious, and adaptable, we’re innovative, out-of-the-box thinkers who live and breathe solutions and hope to positively influence the future.

One team

We believe in empowerment and know teamwork and people are cornerstones of our success. Proactive and client-focused, we work together, as one team, with collaboration and respect.

Our cities

Discover what makes PBSC’s technology so powerful

PBSC’s advanced, user-friendly technology is built in-house. In addition to our bikes and Smart Stations, we offer an app for users, management system for operators, and much more.