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Featuring a mixed fleet of mechanical and electric bikes, along with new technologies, the Moinesti Bike City bike-sharing system is innovative and modern.

Moinesti Bike City, the city’s first-ever shared micromobility solution 

Located in Bacău county, in the Western Moldavia region, Moinesti is a charming little town in Romania. Home to archaeological sites and mineral springs, the town is bordered by numerous parks and green spaces, making it an ideal place for outdoor physical activities. 

In collaboration with our partner SUMS, we deployed the city's very first bike-sharing solution: Moinesti Bike City. Composed of a mixed fleet of regular FIT bikes and E-FIT electric bikes, the system brings a modern twist to the city, while promoting access to active, shared mobility for all.

An innovative scheme 

The hybrid system is equipped with innovative technologies, including the San & Go feature. Thanks to the PBSC mobile app, users can quickly and easily locate and unlock bikes by scanning the QR code. The bikes are also equipped with a smart lock, enabling users to lock the bike outside the station for a temporary stop, providing riders with more flexibility in their journey. 

Our electric smart stations also have the capacity to automatically and quickly recharge e-bikes when they are docked in the station. Our stations are also equipped with our modern, smart ad panels, which can be used to display informative content for users or promotional communications. 

Moinesti invests 18 million euros in bike-sharing

The municipality of Moinesti invested 18 million euros in this project. These funds will be used not only to implement the bike-sharing system, but also to improve the city's cycling infrastructure. 

Through this project, the municipality of Moinesti is promoting cycling as an alternative means of transportation, helping to reduce road traffic and therefore pollution. PBSC is proud to contribute to the realization of this project!

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