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PBSC Urban Solutions partners with Serveo to modernize and scale up La Coruña’s transit system with new bikes, stations & technology upgrades.

PBSC Urban Solutions, the world leader in smart bike-share solutions, is pleased to announce that it will supply the equipment and technology for a new urban bike share system in the City of La Coruña, Spain. Under the scope of its agreement with the city and strategic partnership with Serveo, PBSC is excited to deliver a mixed fleet of 172 E-FIT electric bikes, 342 FIT bikes, 55 smart stations, and innovative technology solutions.
The BiciCoruña system launch will be the third bike-sharing system PBSC has deployed in Spain in just three years. This latest contract follows the Micromobility company’s success in creating multiple bike share systems for the cities in the country, such as for Barcelona or San Sebastian. It also illustrates PBSC’s rapid expansion in the Spanish and European markets, where its modern and sustainable bike-sharing systems have proven to be ideal urban micromobility solutions for the varied transit infrastructures of its unique cities. 
As urban transit continues to evolve in Europe and across the globe, so does the demand for electric and mixed fleet bike share systems.

We’ve been seeing a growing need for electric bike share systems in cities around the world, and we’re proud to offer the flexibility and the technology to create a unique experience in each of our cities” says Luc Sabbatini, CEO of PBSC.


The E-FIT is PBSC’s electric two-wheeler. With innovative ergonomic technology and rider-friendly design, this electric pedal-assist bike has an autonomy range of up to 70 km and its central motor can propel riders up to 25 km/h. The E-FIT is modelled on PBSC’s FIT bike, which will also be part of La Coruña’s system. Both bikes have light aluminum frames and 24-inch wheels for a dynamic and lively user experience. The system will feature PBSC’s smart station technology, allowing cyclists to recharge their e-bikes directly at the docking point, and providing a secure, theft-proof solution at each of its 990 docking points. 
This latest bike share project will have PBSC’s team replace a previous system that was implemented in the city by another provider. As part of its contract with La Coruña, PBSC will handle the transition of all system information and data, including migration of member data to ensure a seamless transition. PBSC possesses trusted expertise in system transition management, an important factor when cities choose to upgrade their bike-share systems. 
PBSC will provide customized technology solutions for La Coruña’s new bike-share system, including a cloud-based management platform that communicates information about battery, bike, and network health for maximum system efficiency. The PBSC app, which is available across all major mobile app stores, will also be featured in this system. The app, used by nearly 40 cities around the world, invites cyclists to quickly locate and unlock bikes with their smartphones, through touchless NFC technology or by scanning QR codes. With no payment interface at the kiosks, the process will put smiles on the faces of commuters and tourists alike. 

By doubling the number of stations and introducing electric bikes in the BiciCoruña system, we are sure to make this Spanish seaside city, more active and dynamic. We’re glad to partner with Serveo and the City of La Coruña for this latest Spanish deployment!

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