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Bikes 7,500
Smart stations 611

With an important and fully electric fleet, equipped with our innovative and ergonomic E-FIT e-bikes, the bicimad bike share system makes active travel more accessible to a wider range of people.

Madrid 360, the environmental sustainability strategy

Madrid, a city where historical culture blends with modernism, seeks to have a long-term positive impact on the local population and the environment. With the development of its environmental sustainability strategy, Madrid 360, the Spanish capital is rethinking urban mobility, as the objective of this strategy is to reduce the city's polluting emissions, transforming Madrid into a sustainable, liveable city. 

As a result, the city wants to modernize its bicimad bike-sharing system, to implement a customized, environmentally friendly solution and offer residents and tourists an active, healthy, sustainable mobility option.  

A unique and customized solution 

The new sustainable urban transport system is the result of a partnership between Serveo, EMT Madrid and PBSC Urban Solutions. The fully electric solution represents PBSC’s biggest e-bike fleet deployed to date in the world! 

The system consists of our robust and fast E-FIT e-bikes and our smart stations, able to dock, secure and charge electric bikes quickly and automatically at the station.  Check out Bicimad's E-FIT new features in our latest video: 

As part of the solution modernization, not only has PBSC double the number of bikes in the fleet, but the system has also been expanded to more areas of the city, making active commuting more accessible to a wider range of people. To learn more about the new bicimad solution implemented in Madrid, check out our article.

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