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Careem BIKE electric bicycles in Dubai
Our R&D team builds industry-leading & innovative technologies to deliver world class micromobility solutions that improve the experience for cities, operators and commuters.

Keren Danon Senior Director, Urban Solutions

PBSC® tech and innovations

PBSC app

This one’s for the urbanites who make bike sharing part of the pulse of healthy city life. Developed in-house, our friendly PBSC app has all the features users need to rent, return, and plan happy journeys.

Visual of the PBSC application

Scan and go

One of the system’s sweetest features is the handy QR code, just scan and ride off.

Go with the (over)flow

Smart Station full during rush hour? No prob, geofencing technology is an optional overflow solution that lets commuters use a “smart lock” option to return their bike beside a Smart Station.

All charged up

Our triangle-shaped, intelligent locking device is super efficient as it also charges those e-bikes & e-scooters up fast, directly at the e-Station docking point.

Valet station

During busy commutes or summer concerts, valets can facilitate heavy bike return volume, even without a permanent Smart Station. At the event, a valet employee scans each bike’s patented locking device so riders can run off.

PBSC® Comet

Our cloud-based management software is an operator’s mission control. Fully transparent about system health, the secure system is connected to all bikes and Smart Stations so you know what’s up 24/7.

From a rebalancing tool to bike share data, customer service to finance and more, beautiful real-time data simplifies maintenance, marketing, and operations. Want to know who’s renting in different parts of town, tourists or locals?

Membership plans or one-off rides? Which stations are empty and which fill up when? Where your bikes are and in what condition? Which stations need maintenance? It’s all there in one integrated, intuitive management tool.

Image of a computer with Comet software

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Leading the industry for more than a decade, our proven track record of innovation, reliability, and fun has inspired 500 million rides and counting.

Our eco-friendly bike share solutions embrace the collective power of micromobility and improve quality of life for cities, communities, and people.

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