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Small, light, and super sweet, this dynamic bike gets along with pretty much everyone. Pedal away for your ultimate biking session.


Make moves swiftly, thanks to this electric pedal-assist bike’s innovative ergonomic technology and rider-friendly design, no sweat.


Count on this reliable, trusty classic to get the job done every ride. Out there for more than a decade, what other bike can say it launched a micromobility movement?


Distance, hills, and headwinds don’t faze this friendly e-bike. BOOST propels you with pep and finesse, using specially-engineered electric pedal-assist technology.

PBSC® Smart Stations


Our multifunctional, grid-powered e-Station is quite a brainy invention, with an intelligent Connected Kiosk that communicates with the system’s back-end so users can dock and unlock bikes with smartphones or smartcards. It also charges up our e-bikes, and tells the system what’s up with each one, helping operators confidently maintain system health.

Bikes that aren’t fully charged stay locked in the dock, and you always know what’s up. The e-Station’s flexible modular design is easy to move, it connects to the electrical grid just once. So it adapts to any urban configuration or situation.

  • Smart Charging Dock locks up all our bikes, and quickly charges up our E-FIT and BOOST.
  • Connected Kiosk communicates with the back-end in real-time.
  • Grid powered, just one connection point for the entire Smart Station.
  • System operates on input voltages of 100V to 240V.

Solar Station

Powered by solar energy, our Solar Station is the self-sufficient dock every city dreams of. Operators love the modular design’s adaptability; portable pieces made to be moved around. Reconfigure a Solar Station for construction, seasonal needs, or events.

A Connected Kiosk sends information real-time, so operators get diagnostics and riding data, and cyclists can rent bikes with smartphones or smartcards.

Solar Sation
  • Solar panels are energy self-sufficient.
  • Connected Kiosk with simple payment interface.
  • Smart Docks allow users to rent bikes with smartphones.
  • Modular design is graceful, sturdy, and easy to move around.

Smart features

Hassle-free rental

Busy city-dwellers can grab bikes using smartphones, smartcards, QR codes, or our lovely user friendly PBSC app.

Speedy recharging

Don’t lose your cool over losing juice, our e-Stations are equipped with speedy charging to keep your e-bikes ready and your cyclists happy.

Lock with brains

Our patented, multifunctional locking device keeps vandals away and stays in contact with mission control, while also charging FIT and BOOST.

Our cities

Discover what makes PBSC’s technology so powerful

PBSC’s advanced, user-friendly technology is built in-house. In addition to our bikes and Smart Stations, we offer an app for users, management system for operators, and much more.