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Toronto's bike share program is positively embraced by the city and its residents as it helps meet the city's climate goals, including sustainable transportation initiatives.

Toronto is Canada’s most populated city, where over 5.6 million people call the bustling, modern metropolis home. Recognized for its diversity, cutting-edge technology, and innovative mindset, it’s no surprise that Bike Share Toronto is enjoying increased usage and popularity among residents and tourists. It’s a vast bike sharing network that’s as accessible as it is enjoyable to navigate.

One of the world’s most impressive bike share networks

Bike Share Toronto was introduced in 2011 with a fleet of 1,000 ICONIC bikes supported by a network of 80 smart stations, most confined to the downtown core. More than a decade later, the system has expanded considerably, as demand has increased, helping Torontonians easily reach their destinations without a car.

The beloved bike share system is operated by our long-standing operating partner, Shift Transit, a global leader in the mobility space, which also operates solutions for MoGo in Detroit, Tugo in Tucson and Bike Chattanooga.

A record-setting 5,7 million bike share rides in 2023!

Starting in 2020, Bike Share Toronto has welcomed our E-FIT e-bikes to its rapidly growing fleet of vehicles. This inclusion has been bolstered by new charging stations that quickly and efficiently top up batteries right at their docking stations. The system was totally revamped and modernized in 2023 via a partnership with Tangerine Bank, with each bike adopting an instantly recognizable vibrant orange color.

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Toronto’s bike sharing solution is also an integral part of Toronto’s "TransformTO" sustainability strategy. The city’s climate action plan includes reaching net zero emissions by 2040, a goal that’s become far more attainable in recent years due to a massive uptick in ridership. In fact, the metropolis' solution recorded an impressive 5.7 million journeys in 2023, and 4.5 million trips in 2022. 

Efficient, enjoyable, and eco-friendly, our popular Bike Share Toronto network is a beautiful case study of why bike-sharing is good for cities, citizens, and the planet. We’re delighted to contribute to the system’s continued growth and support the city’s sustainability objectives.

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