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PBSC launches its 15th U.S. bike-sharing system, POGOH in Pittsburgh, and will provide a fleet of 363 FIT and E-FIT bikes and 38 Smart Stations for the city's residents, tourists, and students.

PBSC Urban Solutions, a pioneer of micromobility solutions, is pleased to announce it has been selected to provide state-of-the-art bikes, Smart Stations, and technology to Pittsburgh’s new bike share system! Launching in April 2022, the new POGOH solution is owned and operated by our partner non-profit Bike Share Pittsburgh and replaces the previous system of the city by a different provider.  
Pittsburgh's POGOH network will introduce an initial rollout of 363 PBSC bikes to this riverfront Pennsylvania city, which will be the 15th U.S. city in which you can find our customized PBSC bike share solutions. Approximately half the fleet will consist of our light and lively FIT bikes, while the other half will be our popular E-FIT pedal-assist electric bikes — a perfect “fit” for Pittsburgh’s hilly topography. Both bicycle models feature aluminum frames and smaller wheels, which makes them very light and easy to handle. Furthermore, the peppy E-FIT can propel cyclists up to 32 km/h (20 miles/h), making it ideal for commutes and quick urban jaunts.  

We’re also supplying the system’s technologies, notably the trusted PBSC app and QR code, which invite users to quickly locate and unlock bikes with their smartphones. Finally, we’re equipping POGOH with 38 Smart Stations (including 20 E-Stations and 18 Solar Stations).  

“We know that e-assist bikes are going to be a hit here in Pittsburgh,” says David White, Executive Director of Bike Share Pittsburgh. “We’ve been working diligently with the City of Pittsburgh’s Department of Mobility and Infrastructure (DOMI), Duquesne Light, and Move PGH to ensure that e-assist bikes can be charged directly at stations throughout the network in Pittsburgh. We’re incredibly fortunate to be in a city working towards an electrified transportation future that makes charging sustainable and convenient.” 

Indeed, the global popularity of PBSC’s E-FIT pedal-assist electric bike showcases the increasing demand for e-bikes within bike share systems all over the world as part of the eco-friendly future of sustainable mobility.  On that note, even more E-FITs are set to be deployed in the months following POGOH’s launch, creating a robust and agile bike share network sure to please Pittsburgh citizens and visitors, not to mention the large student population of its many colleges and universities.  

“The city of Pittsburgh will be equipped with our best-in-class technology! Not only will they have stations with advanced charging technology that allow e-bikes to be charged automatically and directly at the station, but also thanks to the PBSC app, users can easily unlock and rent bikes with smartphones using a QR code, among other conveniences that Pittsburgh's citizens and tourists are sure to embrace. We look forward to working with our new partner Bike Share Pittsburgh and seeing a happy population riding our bikes through the city of Pittsburgh,” says Gian Carlo Crivello, CRO at PBSC. 

The "new look" bikes and state-of-art technology of Pittsburgh’s fresh POGOH bike share program is sure to make Pittsburgh smarter, more organized, and more dynamic, while helping people be more active and happier, too. We’re glad to partner with Bike Share Pittsburgh as we keep changing the world, one city at a time! 

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