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“Define the future of micromobility together”

It’s with great pleasure that PBSC Urban Solution participated and sponsored theNABSA 2022 Conference, which was held in Guadalajara, Mexico. 

The 2022 NABSA annual Conference, organized by the North American bikeshare and scootershare association, focused on "Defining the future of micromobility together". Every year, many micromobility stakeholders meet around conferences, round tables and exhibitions to discuss the topics, issues and trends of the shared micromobility industry. You can find a recap of the 2021 NABSA Conference topics in our article. 

NABSA 2022, a 360º conference

The objective of the global conference is to discuss and share insights on how to improve together the future of the industry with the objective of offering accessible, inclusive, safe and sustainable mobility to all. Many topics were discussed during the various sessions, providing an overall view of the challenges. These include diversity, inclusion and equity, data management, climate change, mobility infrastructures, user safety, electrification and much more.

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Each theme brings its own challenges and obstacles, which is why shared micromobility players are getting together and sharing their expertise. As a leader in bike-sharing solutions, we believe it is essential for PBSC to be part of these discussions and we are proud to contribute to the development of the shared micromobility market.

North America, a significant market for PBSC

With a significant presence in Canada, the United States and Mexico, nearly half of our bike share fleet is deployed in North America, with more than 48,000 bikes and e-bikes spread across more than 20 cities. Indeed, cities like Montreal, Toronto, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Honolulu, Chattanooga and Guadalajara are all equipped with our bike-sharing system, which is becoming increasingly popular.

Our presence in North America continues to grow through our collaboration with Lyft, which operates some of our bike-sharing systems. Moreover, we have implemented our smart multimodal solution in the city of Chicago, with Lyft’s Divvy system. The Smart stations can now lock, secure, and charge Lyft’s electric scooters alongside our bikes and e-bikes.

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PBSC meets with its partners

Being at NASBA's conference not only allowed PBSC to exchange with the various shared micromobility players about the challenges of the industry, but it also provided us with an opportunity to meet our partners such as BIXI, Bike Share Toronto, BKT Bici Publica, MiBici, Shift Transit, MoGo Detroit, and many others who are all present. 

“The NABSA conference is a unique occasion to exchange with all the North American Bikeshare stakeholders and a great opportunity to spend time with many of our clients at the same time and meet Bikeshare colleagues.” – Adrian Popovici, PBSC

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We were delighted to participate once again in the annual global conference and thank NABSA for organizing this event!

See you next year for the 2023 edition of the NABSA Conference !

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