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PBSC Team at Autonomy 2024

This year, Tomorrow Mobility World Congress 2022 (TMWC), a three-day event which took place in the city of Barcelona, Spain, brought together more than 1,000 exhibitors and 400 speakers from all around the world to discuss the issues and challenges facing the mobility sector. 

Sustainability at the heart of the discussions

As a world leader in bike sharing solutions, PBSC Urban Solutions attended the event to bring in its expertise on shared micromobility and in particular on bike sharing solutions and the growth in e-bikes demand. We shared our vision of tomorrow's mobility with players attending the event, in order to rethink together the future of urban mobility. 

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As the congress follows closely on the COP27 world summit, environmental sustainability and sustainable mobility remains at the heart of the discussions. Other topics were discussed during the conference included accessibility, inclusiveness, equality, safety, post-pandemic mobility, development of shared and active micromobility or the emergence of new trends.  

Moreover, given the rapid development of new digital trends in the industry - trends such as the metaverse - the main challenge discussed at TMWC 2022 was: How to conciliate smart mobility and sustainable mobility?

Discover PBSC at Tomorrow Mobility World Congress 2022 

You couldn't attend the 2022 edition of Tomorrow Mobility? Discover PBSC and our multimodal solution - able to recharge automatically and quickly e-bikes and e-scooters - in our latest video:

Tomorrow Mobility World Congress 2022 was an opportunity for the industry to come together to "accelerate sustainable and intelligent urban mobility".

See you next year for the 2023 edition of the Tomorrow Mobility World Congress! 

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