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PBSC participated in the world's largest conference dedicated to small vehicles. Find out what our team has to say about the event.

As the global leader in bike sharing, we believe that urban mobility has the power to change the world and reshape our cities for a better, healthier and more sustainable future. In order to be at the forefront of this change, we know that it is essential to keep up-to-date with the latest innovations, trends and challenges of the industry.

So naturally our PBSC team went to San Francisco in California on September 15 and 16 to participate in the world's largest conference dedicated to micromobility vehicles.

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Micromobility America is an annual global summit celebrating small electric vehicles. The 2022 edition of the conference, which was held in the world capital of technological innovation, brought together many players in the field of micromobility for numerous meetings and demonstrations. Here is an overview of the discussions:

The future of micromobility is driven by the electric vehicle movement

While this has already been listed as one of the most popular micromobility trends for the upcoming year, once again electric vehicles are at the heart of discussions. According to our experts, these small vehicles have the power to revamp our cities. Faster than walking, lighter than cars, they allow people to get around quickly and reduce traffic congestion in cities.

This is particularly the case with the PBSC electric bike-sharing service. More and more cities around the world are embracing our e-bikes for the benefits they offer in terms of urban mobility, cities such as Toronto, São Paulo, Dubai, Monaco and more.

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Urban mobility that benefits everyone

In a world where disparities are still present, urban mobility must be affordable, accessible and inclusive, while guaranteeing the safety of all users. It is therefore necessary to offer transport and subscription options adapted to different income levels and to extend mobility services to the most remote city areas. It is also essential to promote multimodal mobility, thus offering different types of vehicles that are adapted to the physical abilities of each individual. 

Profitable urban mobility also implies safe urban mobility. Through the discussions, we can see that there are challenges relating to the safety of users, whether it is by using the vehicles, or concerning the data collected by the operators.

Micromobility as an environmental challenge

Climate change is, of course, on everyone's mind. Since one third of greenhouse gas emissions come from cars and trucks, we know that it is essential to rethink today's mobility, especially by promoting shared micromobility. Smaller vehicles are less polluting, in terms of both air and noise pollution.

The development of shared mobility is in sync with the climate objectives of cities and countries. In order to develop this effectively, we need to be able to work in harmony with mobility operators and cities. This is what PBSC is doing in the implementation of our bike-sharing systems in cities around the world, working with valuable partners such as Tembici, Shift Transit and Serveo.

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With more than 1,000 attendees in just two days, Micromobility America highlighted the challenges facing the industry and the solutions and improvements we - the micromobility community - can work towards together. By sharing our experiences and expertise, we can improve urban mobility to create more sustainable and smarter cities.

Thanks to Micromobility America for hosting this 2022 edition in San Francisco!

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