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A fully electric bike share solution is the right fit for Dubai’s futuristic, connected lifestyle.

Bike-share in the desert?

Seems improbable — and kind of sweaty — but together with the Middle East’s top ride-hailing company Careem, and Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), we’re making it happen. In 2020, the Emirate will be home to Careem Bike, the region’s first large-scale electric bike-share scheme.


“We are pleased and excited to launch the first-of-its-kind multi-phase program in the region. We extend our gratitude to all community stakeholders who played a significant role in supporting the initiative and helped us provide our services to the residents and the visitors alike.”

Mr. Mudassir Sheikha CEO and Co-Founder of Careem

Careem BIKE

Dubai’s taken steps to improve mobility infrastructure in recent years through a network of cycling lanes, with plans to more than double these dedicated thoroughfares by 2030. We think the E-FIT is the perfect vehicle to help the city’s residents and visitors take advantage of these efforts. While Dubai’s topography is relatively flat, the e-bike will give riders a boost when temperatures soar, reducing the amount of energy required to pedal.

Pedaling in Dubai can be difficult. Not because of the slopes, as the terrain is mostly flat, but because of the high temperatures. The E-FIT bike has a rider-friendly design and was created with an innovative, ergonomic technology. The electric pedal-assist is perfect to ride along the gorgeous cycling lanes, no sweat.

About Bike Sharing in Dubai

Dubai’s magnificent landscapes made introducing our bike sharing program easier. Our program improves city dweller’s transportation system. It also gives the opportunity to tourists and cycling enthusiasts to explore the numerous, gorgeous cycling lanes available in Dubai. Discover 86 km of track, the local wildlife like the Arabian oryx, and ride along amazing views of the desert while using one of our E-Fit bikes equipped with pedal assist. 

Introducing bike sharing in Dubai has always been on our priority list, and we are glad to make it happen. Our bike-share system is a modern solution perfectly tailored to the bustling lifestyle of great urban centers. PBSC is proud to be behind, and to lead, the biggest bike share program in the world. We offer a micromobility system adapted to the image of modern cities, with a unique design and built using cutting-edge technologies.

Today, PBSC Urban Solutions bike share program is available in 40 great cities worldwide. We are proud to provide Dubai’s residents and visitors with an urban, modern, eco-friendly mobility solution.

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PBSC’s advanced, user-friendly technology is built in-house. In addition to our bikes, e-scooters and Smart Stations, we offer an app for users, management system for operators, and much more.