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PBSC launches an urban mobility revolution in Madrid!

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PBSC Urban Solutions is pleased to announce that the first e-bikes and stations of Madrid's new bicimad system are now operational! At the end of the deployment, the capital's residents and tourists will have access to 7,500 E-FIT electric bikes and 611 smart stations strategically located around the city.

While the installation of what will be PBSC's biggest e-bikes fleet in the world is still ongoing, we are already proud to celebrate this launch, together with EMT Madrid and our partner Serveo.

A unique bike-sharing solution...

With the implementation of bicimad, an integrated, cutting-edge, and ultra-modern solution equipped with intelligent & innovative bikes, PBSC is creating a revolution in bike sharing. Check out bicimad's new E-FIT and some of its various features in our video: 

... featuring state-of-the-art technology... 

Equipped with our advanced Smartlock solution, bicimad’s bikes can be locked outside the stations, in "virtual" stations. Our new E-FIT bikes also showcase a LCD display, which showcases real-time information about the trip, the speed and the current battery range to the rider. All these new E-FIT features offer commuters an enhanced riding experience.

Powered by our cutting-edge technology, our smart stations quickly and automatically charge e-bikes. Riders can easily take a bike by scanning a QR code with the mobile app, or via the Tap & Go function with their smartphone.

... for a reinvented urban mobility

The modernization of the system will not only expand the network to more areas of the city, but also double the number of bikes available to the 3 million residents and many tourists of the Spanish city, making bike sharing more accessible to a wider range of people.

We are thrilled to bring our urban mobility solution to a world-class city like Madrid and to see the bike sharing movement continuing to grow in Spain, Europe and all around the world

We can't wait for the first riders to hop on the bikes and experience the best bike-share has yet to offer.

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