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PBSC crosses new borders with the deployment of a bike-sharing solution in Saudi Arabia, in the city of Medina.

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PBSC Urban Solutions is pleased to continue its expansion in the Middle East with the launch of a new bike-sharing solution in Medina, Saudi Arabia, in collaboration with our operating partner Careem.  

The holy city's new bike sharing system features a fully electric fleet of 500 PBSC E-FIT e-bikes, and 60 smart charging stations. 

The boom of electric transportation 

This new solution reflects the ongoing growth of electric vehicles in the shared micromobility industry. More and more cities around the world are embracing electric solutions for the benefits they bring, including modernity, accessibility and convenience. 

Our E-FIT e-bike is the proof! PBSC's electric two-wheeler is the perfect partner to ride through the hilly roads of Medina. Thanks to its propulsion motor and a speed of up to 32 km/h, cyclists can move quickly and effortlessly. This feature is especially valued by the people of Medina, given the region's high temperatures and arid conditions.

Our state-of-the-art charging solution 

Medina's bike-sharing system is also equipped with our innovative charging solution! Our smart stations allow users to dock, secure, and charge the electric fleet, providing commuters with continuous access to the fleet’s vehicles. 

WhatsApp_Image_2023-10-19_at_10.44.39_AM.jpeg (441 KB)

The stations are connected to the back-end and communicate real-time information about batteries, vehicles and system health to the operator, enabling better system management.

"We are delighted to continue our partnership with Careem in rolling out this new solution, as we bring to Medina the finest equipment and technology from PBSC, including materials that withstand the region's extreme heat. Nearly 20 cities worldwide have already embraced our E-FIT electric bike, and we are confident that the people of Medina will quickly adopt it as well," declares Anthony Rinaldi, Business Development Manager.

A solution in sync with Medina's Vision 2030 plan

As a smart and modern city, Medina has a clear vision of the future. Through the Vision 2030 program developed by Saudi Arabia, which aims to be carbon neutral by 2060, the city is modernizing and developing sustainable and accessible infrastructures. Our new healthy, active and customized bike-sharing solution is in perfect harmony with this vision. 

PBSC is delighted to contribute to the development of Medina by offering the residents and tourists of the charming Saudi Arabian city a smart and sustainable mobility solution that meets the city's and its residents' needs!

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