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Reimagining Transportation in Cities

Innovation is at the heart of our mission to help transform cities with healthier and smarter transportation. For over a decade, PBSC has been focused on creating and improving micro-mobility solutions to bring bike share to cities around the world. Our purpose is to create a multimodal micromobility that is more fun, efficient, sustainable, and accessible than what’s been seen before. We want people to be happy and active by using our bikes, and we want cities to capitalize on this enthusiasm by providing our services to address a growing need for environmentally sustainable transport.   

Cycling provides smart cities with far-reaching positive social, economic and health impacts that can benefit the individual as much as the whole. We count numerous partners in every corner of the world, dedicated to carrying the message of active movement to new cities every day. Cities like Barcelona, London, Montreal, Dubai, Brasilia, Washington, and so many others, are adopting micro-mobility and bike-share programs as part of their transport infrastructure.  

Indeed, PBSC is already established in more than 40 cities across the world and has more than 95,000 bikes and e-bikes rolling on city streets. Our bike share programs have reached 500 million rides across our cities - and we are only getting started. Our international team includes over 100 in-house micro-mobility experts with knowledge in every area and an expansive ecosystem of manufacturers, designers, mobility operators and non-profit organizations. When it comes to changing the world, we work together as OneTeam.  
At PBSC, we innovate and implement the micro-mobility solutions that are required to get us moving in the right direction. We want to help people reimagine transportation in their cities, to move away from what’s worked in the past and embrace a new way of seeing urban movement.  
Tomorrow’s World Starts Today.  

PBSC Bike Share FAQ 

What is Multimodal Micro-Mobility?   

Multimodality in micro-mobility is the future of shared mobility, allowing cities to properly manage and provide multiple shared transport systems to commuters. PBSC’s multimodal docking and charging stations can accommodate bikes, e-bikes and shared scooters in the same hubs, allowing for multiple operators – public and private – to smoothly manage the day to day of their fleets. 
Multimodal micro-mobility is a truly collaborative platform for cities with scooter and bike sharing services. Daily users can easily rent both scooters and bicycles using the same app, allowing for a cleaner, more efficient experience.  
Learn more about PBSC’s multimodal solution here.

How Does Bike Share Work with Public Transport?  

PBSC bike sharing systems integrate into the city’s overall public transport program that is available to daily commuters. In combination with bus, train and metro transit, it has been proven in countless cities across the globe that shared micro-mobility such as bike share can play a key role as a first and last-mile option for commuters.  
PBSC bike sharing technologies also integrate into the city’s existing public transit apps, allowing users to rent bikes with their transit cards or see availabilities for bikes and bus times on the same app. With over 10 years of experience implementing and integrating micro-mobility systems in cities, the PBSC team is able to help cities provide a seamless user journey, no matter their mode of transport.

How Many Cities Use PBSC Bike Share Systems? 

As of 2021, PBSC bike share systems are available in more than 40 cities around the world, with notable micromobility programs in Europe, Latin America, North America and the Middle East. You can find information on cities with PBSC bikes and stations in our Cities section.

Does PBSC Operate Bike Share Programs in Cities?  

In most cities, the local government will work with operators for the maintenance and management of the system provided by the PBSC team. PBSC has partners across the world that know our systems and can provide expertise to cities, with on-ground crews to handle the day to day maintenance tasks.

How Can I Become a PBSC Partner?  

Are you interested in bringing bike share to your city or becoming an operator? Write to us at info@pbsc.com. Or follow our journey by subscribing to our Monthly Newsletter:  
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