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POGOH also uses our trusted technology solutions, including the user-friendly PBSC app and QR code, inviting users to quickly locate and unlock bikes and e-bikes with their smartphones for maximum ease of use.

Owned and operated by non-profit organization Bike Share Pittsburgh, POGOH is a brand new bike share system launching in April 2022, replacing the city’s former system (by a different provider). PBSC was selected to supply a larger fleet consisting of our regular FIT bikes and the addition of e-bikes with our E-FIT pedal assist electric bikes!  
“We know that e-assist bikes are going to be a hit here in Pittsburgh,” says David White, Executive Director of Bike Share Pittsburgh. “We’ve been working diligently with the City of Pittsburgh’s Department of Mobility and Infrastructure (DOMI), Duquesne Light, and Move PGH to ensure that e-assist bikes can be charged directly at stations throughout the network in Pittsburgh. We’re incredibly fortunate to be in a city working towards an electrified transportation future that makes charging sustainable and convenient.”
Indeed, the global popularity of PBSC’s E-FIT pedal-assist electric bike showcases the increasing demand for e-bikes within bike share systems all over the world as part of the eco-friendly future of sustainable mobility. As this Pennsylvania riverfront city rolls out e-bikes for the first time, as well as a fresh new look for their bike share system, we’re glad to partner with Bike Share Pittsburgh as we keep changing the world, one city at a time. 

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