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Our Solar Stations are beautifully adaptable! With versatile modular design, docks can be easily reconfigured.

For our first system in Romania (with more cities on the way soon), PBSC is providing the Transylvanian city of Sibiuwith bikes, solar stations, and technologies for SIBIU Bike City. This brand new system is operated by Sustainable Urban Mobility Solutions SRL (SUMS). 
Convenient, healthy, and sustainable, our bike share solution is the perfect companion to Sibiu's existing sustainability initiatives. In order to achieve its 2030 goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 20%, the city is aiming for 40% of its trips to be made by bike or on foot, and is building dedicated bike lanes to facilitate its plan.
Equipped with our smart lock, geofencing technology, and the PBSC App, this system showcases how PBSC’s state-of-the-art technologies and robust equipment can help citizens and tourists make eco-friendly transit choices in their daily routines! PBSC is integrating the PBSC App with SIBIU Bike City’s web platform (provided by SUMS). 

Our patented smart lock device has many practical functions: Not only does this triangular theft-proof lock secure the bikes, it communicates real-time data to the operator and offers users geofencing technology. This feature allows cyclists to secure their bikes anywhere if they want to make a temporary stop en route (pop into a shop, for example). It also helps manage possible overflow at Solar Stations: If a station is full, geofencing technology permits users to secure their bike anywhere in proximity to the station. 
PBSC is delighted to be entering the Romanian market as another beautiful city embraces the collective power of bike-sharing! 

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