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PBSC is proud to be among the sponsors of this year’s NABSA 2023 conference, (North American Bikeshare & Scootershare Association), taking place in Toronto and Hamilton from September 19 to 22, 2023, focusing on Growing Shared Micromobility: Connecting People and Places. Ahead of the event, let’s take a closer look at our three Canadian bike-share systems!

First stop: Bike Share Toronto

Among PBSC’s long standing Canadian micromobility solutions is Bike Share Toronto, Toronto’s micromobility network that’s been going strong for 12 years, with plans to grow to 10,000 PBSC bikes by 2025 (including 2,000 e-bikes). We’re delighted to debut our PBSC Canada showcase article series right here in Canada's largest city. Let’s take a quick ride down memory lane and gaze into the system’s future! 

Bike Share Toronto launched in 2011 with a fleet of 1,000 of our ICONIC bikes and 80 Smart Stations. Managed by the Toronto Parking Authority, it has expanded consistently over the years. In 2020, Bike Share Toronto introduced our awesome e-bikes to the fleet, adding 300 of our industry-leading E-FITs and 10 innovative charging stations, which swiftly and efficiently charge up our e-bikes right at their docking points.

MicrosoftTeams-image_(150).png (745 KB)

Today, with 9,000 bikes (including 1,825 pedal assist e-bikes), 840 stations, and a new exclusive presenting partner, Tangerine Bank, the adored bike share solution is interwoven into Toronto’s busy, bustling culture and transit infrastructure. The new partnership with Tangerine Bank has led to a revamp of the system's branding, which features a fresh, vibrant orange color, creating a new modern look for Bike Share Toronto’s fleet. 

Bike Share Toronto has been adopted by locals and visitors, students and professionals alike, who rely on this customized sustainable mobility solution for daily travel needs. 

visu_article.png (3.91 MB)

Breaking new records in 2023: 3 million rides in 8 months!

To give you an idea of Bike Share Toronto’s widespread popularity: did you know that 3 million trips were taken between January and August of this year alone? And 4.6 million trips were recorded in 2022, equivalent to 8.5M lbs (3.5M kg) of carbon emissions saved (according to Bike Share Toronto’s 2022 recap). 

Torontonians have enthusiastically embraced their bike share system, a bond that empowers the eco-friendly shared micromobility network to play a pivotal role in Toronto’s official climate action plan, called TransformTO

5_copie.jpg (18.82 MB)

PBSC loves pedaling towards net zero with TransformTO and Bike Share Toronto!

Toronto’s ambitious climate action plan aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by the year 2040. Changes to the transportation sector comprise a significant part of this strategy’s multi-faceted approach, which includes the goal that “75 percent of all work and school trips under five (5) km be made by walking, cycling, and transit by 2030” according to the initiative’s website.

As a valued partner of Bike Share Toronto, PBSC is delighted to support this plan! Torontonians are literally on board with bike sharing, not only as a convenient way to get around but also to create healthier, more liveable cities. Bike Share Toronto shines as a global example of how PBSC bike share systems can support and facilitate a city’s climate action strategy! 

toronto_eblast.jpg (466 KB)

Equitable access to multimodal travel for a more sustainable future

Bike Share Toronto is also amid of a Four-Year Growth Plan, rolling towards a 2025 target of 10,000 PBSC bikes (including 2,000 e-bikes) strategically spread across Toronto’s 25 wards, near public transit stops so cyclists can use bike share as first- and last-mile options, and making the system accessible to a wider range of people. 

Efficient, enjoyable, and eco-friendly, our Toronto system is a beautiful case study of why bike-sharing is good for cities, citizens, and the planet. All of us at PBSC are proud to be part of these positive changes and can’t wait to share more stories of our Canadian bike share success!

Next stop: PBSC's hometown, Montreal.

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