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PBSC Urban Solutions is pleased to continue its expansion in Latin America with the deployment of a new bike-sharing solution in Curitiba, Brazil, in collaboration with our long-standing operator partner Tembici

The city's bike-sharing system features a mixed fleet of 250 FIT bikes and 250 E-FIT electric bikes, as well as 50 PBSC smart stations, including 10 electric charging stations. This eco-friendly & healthy urban mobility solution offers the city's 4 million inhabitants a new form of transportation that is both active and sustainable.

A system equipped with innovative technologies  

Among the technological solutions deployed in the Brazilian city we can highlight the Scan & Go technology. Thus, users can simply and quickly unlock the bikes by scanning the QR code from the mobile app. 

E-FIT e-bikes are equipped with an LCD screen that indicates to users the bike's speed, distance and charge level. All bikes are featured with GPS, allowing the operator to manage the fleet in real time. 

Finally, the system's electric smart stations automatically and rapidly recharge e-bikes when docked in the station.

A solution in line with Curitiba's sustainable vision 

This new solution has been introduced to meet a dual objective: improving the citizens' quality of life while reducing the city’s ecological footprint. In fact, numerous ecological initiatives have been implemented in the metropole, with the objective of minimizing greenhouse gas emissions, making it one of the most sustainable cities in Latin America.

Praised for its commitment to the environment, Curitiba is proud to be called Cidade Modelo da América Latina ("Model City of Latin America"). 

PBSC is delighted to collaborate with Tembici for the deployment of an 8th solution in Brazil, and is happy to provide the city with a customized solution in sync with its vision of sustainability! This recent deployment also confirms PBSC's position as a leading bike-sharing provider in South America.

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