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Following the recent deployment of Bicimad, Madrid's new fully-electric fleet, PBSC now has over 20,000 bikes rolling in Spain, including 14,000 electric bikes. The continuous growth positions PBSC as Spain's leading bike-sharing system provider. 

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Let's take a look back at the beginning of our Spanish expansion. In 2019, PBSC entered the Spanish market by deploying a new bike-sharing solution in Barcelona: the Bicing system. With proven expertise in systems transition management, our team handled the data migration from the old systems to the new ones. Thus, PBSC seamlessly migrated the data of more than 100,000 members. With an increase in ridership and membership, Bicing has quickly won over the hearts of Barcelonians, becoming an essential element of the city.

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Four deployments followed between 2020 and 2023: San Sebastian, La Coruña, Valladolid and finally Madrid. By introducing new systems replacing older ones provided by other suppliers, PBSC considerably expanded all four cities' fleets, doubling - or even tripling - the number of bikes and stations. All systems are equipped with our smart charging stations, able to recharge electric bikes quickly and automatically at the station. Residents and tourists immediately embraced our new solutions, as evidenced by the numbers reported from operators showing a major increase in ridership and membership.

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Our latest deployment in Madrid, Spain, achieved a significant milestone, standing as PBSC's largest e-bike fleet deployed in the world to date. This launch also highlights the growing trend towards the electrification of bike-sharing systems.

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Our growth in Spain doesn't stop there, as two of our solutions have already announced fleet expansions, in San Sebastian and La Coruña. We're delighted to provide more than 12 million people with healthy, sustainable micromobility solutions, and look forward to a greener and brighter future!

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