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With a brand-new PBSC electric bike-share solution on the way, Québec City is about to become the first city in Canada with a large-scale, all-electric, public bike share system, named àVélo.
Working with the Réseau de Transport de la Capitale – RTC (which manages integrated mobility in the agglomeration of Québec, and engaged PBSC for this exciting project), over the next four years, we’ll implement a fleet of 1,000 E-FIT pedal-assist electric bikes and 100 smart stations!

Citizens and tourists of this historic provincial capital won’t have to wait long for our E-FIT; àVélo will be operational this coming summer 2021, when we’ll deploy the first phase of this sustainable self-service network. This initial rollout will consist of 100 E-FITS, and 10 smart stations placed throughout the RTC’s territory.
“We’re very enthusiastic about embarking on this partnership to accompany the RTC in its bike-share system, as part of Québec City’s ambitious integrated mobility plan. Québec City citizens will adore the E-FIT and the pleasure of riding it. As the first city in North America on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites, Québec will be an exceptional showcase of our expertise and contribute remarkably to our international visibility,” says Luc Quétel, COO of PBSC.
The light and lively 27 kg- aluminum E-FIT is ideal for Québec City’s hilly topography. With smaller 24-inch wheels, ergonomic technology and happy, rider-friendly design, the E-FIT has a 250-watt Brose motor that offers a uniquely harmonious riding experience that can propel cyclists up to 32 km/h. The technology has already been proven in thousands of e-bikes, making it the ideal choice to answer the needs of operators and cities.


Beloved in Montréal, Toronto, Dubai, Rio, São Paulo and San Sebastian, the E-FIT’s popularity also points to increasing demand for e-bikes within bike-share solutions in smart cities all over. It’s noteworthy that this PBSC e-bike model is actually made in the province of Quebec by our long-time manufacturing partner, Cycles Devinci. àVélo’s e-bikes will be outfitted with GPS, a helpful feature that assists the operator in planning system growth by studying mobility data.

Innovative technology solutions for an unparalleled bike-share experience.
Among the technology solutions that PBSC will deploy this coming summer: the PBSC app includes access to a map of the city and invites cyclists to locate stations, docking points, and available bikes in real-time. It also can activate access Scan & Go access technologies to quickly unlock bikes with QR codes.
Every E-FIT rolled out in Quebec City will also be outfitted with an LCD screen that will indicate speed, distance, and charge level. The e-bikes will also feature GPS, a helpful feature that assists the operator in planning the next phases of system growth by studying mobility data.
Efficient, enjoyable, and eco-friendly, our urban bike-share solution will certainly resonate with Québec City dwellers and complement existing public transit infrastructure. In harmony with its historic ambiance, Québec City’s modern, ambitious integrated mobility plan embraces the collective power of bike-sharing! We’re excited to bring to this system our PBSC vision of active people, dynamic cities, healthy planet.

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