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PBSC launches its second bikeshare system in Spain with 437 bikes and ebikes across 46 smart-stations in San Sebastian

We’re thrilled to introduce our latest bike-share system, dBizi, a collaboration between PBSC and Movus/Urbaser.

This system equipped with the latest technology in micromobility replaces a previous system installed in the city by a different provider. Improvements include more bikes and smart-stations, more robust and durable bikes and ebikes, an improved software, and a smoother user experience. Both our FIT, and E-FIT electric bikes will be available throughout the city. 

Cyclists will be able to unlock a bike with the QR codes printed on all the frames through the PBSC app, which is already functional in San Sebastian. 

This system, deployed in many parts of the city, will improve the mobility options for commuters and tourists in San Sebastian/Donostia by providing a reliable first and last-mile solution. The system’s branding will match the Dbus colors and design and will be easily identifiable by commuters.

Having deployed the stations over the past few weeks, the bikes are already available for use as of December 11, 2020. This system, our second in Spain after Barcelona’s, solidifies our position as an industry leader on the international stage.

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