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Last October we launched the new bike sharing solution in Valence-Romans Déplacements - France. Three months later and the results are in: it's a great success!

The new system is now more popular than ever, and the number of rides has more than quadrupled since its implementation. Riders are raving about the 210 ICONIC and 60 BOOST bikes now at their disposal and are particularly impressed with the swift ease of the built in pedal-assist technology.

Accessing the bikes has never been easier thanks to PBSC’s innovative integrated QR code that works in sync with the Libélo app to allow riders to unlock a bike and get moving in mere seconds.

Our collaboration with VRD has resulted in the perfect urban mobility solution for the region and its citizens. We are thrilled to hear of its success, and that it is quickly becoming an indispensable component of Valence’s public transportation network.

The new Libélo - PBSC Urban Solutions

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