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Drawing on the ever-popular ICONIC model, the BOOST offers the same ergonomic design and comfort that users have come to expect while redefining the cycling experience. Equipped with a rear-propulsion motor and a top of the line battery integrated into the aluminum frame, the BOOST offers riders a helping hand when they need it most. Whether it’s handling steep inclines, or getting somewhere in a hurry, the BOOST helps bring users up to speed while offering a revolutionary cycling experience.

Created with the conscious consumer in mind, the BOOST is for anyone looking to reduce their ecological footprint, save money on gas and maintain an active lifestyle. Our patented smart stations act as power hubs, automatically recharging the BOOST’s integrated battery and eliminating the need for any manual charging or swapping of batteries.

And where better to release BOOST’s first major fleet but Barcelona, the most bike-friendly city on the Mediterranean, according to the Copenhagenize index. PBSC has been working in partnership with Ferrovial services with the mandate of propagating sustainable transportation solutions, and together they will be bringing 7000 bikes to the streets of Barcelona, including 1000 of the BOOST model. The bikes will be quite literally at the fingertips of all Barcelonians, accessible by a tap of their smart phone.

This marks an important moment for PBSC as it continues to develop its innovative urban mobility network.


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