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Happy Birthday Biki!

A lot can change in a year. One year ago, Honolulu didn’t have a bike share system, and now it’s got one of the most successful bike share systems in North America with more than 800,000 rides in its first year.

When Honolulu said “Aloha” to Biki bike share everything changed. Since its inception, Honolulu residents have embraced the bright turquoise bikes. Despite the city’s modest population, Honolulu is infamous for its traffic jams but now residents can leave their cars at home and jump on a Biki. They have literally changed lives, changed commuting habits, and changed the mobility landscape of Honolulu.

Avid Biki riders praise the system for its ease of use, affordability, efficiency and above all how much fun it is. With stations conveniently located throughout the city, residents can easily get to and from where they need to go: work, beach, or simply for a joyride. It’s as simple as buying a pass at a station or at www.gobiki.org.

The best initiatives identify a problem and solve it and Biki did exactly that. Biki is the mobility solution that citizens of Honolulu didn’t even know they were looking for. But now that they’ve found it, they’re not letting it go, in fact they’re doubling down. This summer Biki will be expanding. Without a doubt, adding more bikes and stations is the best way to celebrate Biki’s first birthday!

We are delighted to take a minute to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the Biki bike share system and reflect on its unprecedented success. PBSC is very proud to play a role alongside Bikeshare Hawaii in bringing bikeshare to Honolulu and we would like to say, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you, and we wish you much continued success in the years to come!


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