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PBSC Urban Solutions is launching the first bike share in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The capital city Nicosia will be home to 410 FIT bikes beginning on June 1st 2018.

With our partner Velespeed and sponsor Telsim/Vodafone, one of the largest telecommunications in Cyprus, we are changing the landscape of urban mobility in the north side of Nicosia.


In the heart of the Mediterranean, Cyprus is a mix of ancient and modern and nowhere is this more apparent than on the streets of the capital. In Nicosia these dichotomies come to life: past and the present, traditional and contemporary.

Our FIT bike model will blend in seamlessly with the city’s architecture and become an integral part of its transit landscape.

Wherever the FIT is introduced it is fully embraced and we’re certain that Nicosia will be no different and that residents will use it, explore their city’s nooks and crannies, go about their daily routines and have fun!


PBSC has more than 60,000 bikes and 5,000 stations across the globe, leading to more than 240 million rides! We’re in 30 cities in Brazil, Canada, England, Iceland, Mexico, USA, and soon France!

To join the green mobility movement and bring a bike share transit solution to your city, feel free to contact us.

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