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Ten years ago PBSC Urban Solutions started to change the world one city at a time. First, we changed one, then two, then three and four, and then 27!

From our home city of Montreal, Canada we launched a mobility movement that spread south of the border to the USA and Mexico, across the ocean to England, and below the equator to Brazil and lots of places near and far in between.


A decade since its reveal as the BIXI bike, PBSC’s ICONIC is still the industry standard. It’s no surprise that it was designed in Montreal, a city famous for its creativity, joie de vivre, and avant-garde approach to, well basically, everything.  Robust and built to last the original BIXI ICONIC bikes are still in use today. If only they could share the places they’ve been, the things they’ve seen and the stories they’ve got to tell!


We couldn’t celebrate the birth of the ICONIC without feting BIXI. We’re incredibly proud of our long-standing partnership with BIXI. Like all great partnerships, it’s based on teamwork and innovation and the constant drive to advance bike share in Montreal and around the world.

We were thrilled last year to mark our mutual success by presenting the 50,000th ICONIC bike to BIXI as part of the 375th anniversary celebrations for Montreal. Kicking off the 2018 season, BIXI has a lot to be proud of. In 2017, BIXI broke all records with more than 4.8 million trips taken around the city. We’re confident that this year will be even better for our partner.


PBSC has also been busy growing. In the last couple years we’ve expanded into nearly 15 cities, three countries, expanded existing bike share systems and developed two new bike models: FIT and BOOST, both built with the same quality, durability and aesthetic appeal of our ICONIC so near and dear to Montrealers' hearts.

The FIT is a lighter, faster and sleeker bike model now in Honolulu, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and four other cities in Brazil and soon in many other locations. The BOOST is our electric bike, the name reflects exactly what the e-bike offers when you ride, a little boost – a push up those pesky hills, a helping hand against headwinds, a reprieve for those hot and sunny days and a jolt for those long distances that are just a bit too much for the average bike rider.


Collectively, our bike share systems have led to more than 220 million rides and not to toot our own horn but we’re confident that our ICONIC, FIT and BOOST will get even more people on two wheels and the mobility movement that started here in Montreal will grow stronger and stronger. So if you’ll excuse us we’ve got to get back to changing the world one city at a time!


Changing the world, one city at a time

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