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We are thrilled to announce the arrival of the most modern bike sharing technology in São Paulo! We were very excited to enter the urban landscape of this iconic cultural hub and the daily lives of its 20 plus millions of citizens. An initial network of 2,600 bikes will be available through 260 solar-powered stations across the city, and more bikes will be added at major public transit hubs as the scheme continues to expand. This deployment marks an important milestone in the coexistence of PBSC Urban Solutions and tens of millions of Brazilians.

A pioneer city on a number of fronts and an exceptionally vibrant cultural and economic capital, São Paulo was among the very first South American cities to implement a large-scale bike sharing service as part of its vision for ultramodern and interconnected urban mobility. Today, this thriving city enters a new age as Itaú Unibanco, Tembici and PBSC Urban Solutions – world leader in sustainable mobility solutions – take their project into a whole new technological era.

This rollout represents the second and most major milestone of a country-wide initiative to bring the most modern bike sharing service to tens of millions of Brazilians across the nation’s largest cities. The response to the new system has been beyond positive so far; Brazilians are delighted to welcome efficient, reliable, proven and safe bike sharing technology into their daily commute.

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The people of São Paulo are gearing up to welcome unprecedented levels of excellence as the first stations and bikes hit the pavement in some of the most strategic areas of the city today. By early spring, a first phase of the system will be in full operation by tembici., known for their expertise in managing successful bike share projects in South America. Not only will the new network be extremely accessible through various payment and unlocking options such as a smartphone application, cash payments at designated sales points, Bilhete Unico card and credit card payments directly at the docking terminals, more bikes will be added and made available at major public transit hubs as the scheme continues to expand. Ideal for citizens, tourists, occasional riders and urban explorers, PBSC’s new system will have something for everyone!

A bike FIT for Brazilians

A bright orange version of the FIT bike, the lightest member of PBSC’s family of bikes, was selected for its smart ergonomics and sleek and modern look, providing an optimal riding experience for all types of cyclists. The bike is fully adapted to the daily reality of this lovely city, not to mention its durability which will help ensure sustainability as South America’s largest metropolis, let alone the world’s third most populous urban area, begins to include the FIT in its daily commute.

About PBSC Urban Solutions Service

Through sustainable technology solutions for smart cities, PBSC is changing the world, one city at a time. As a leading global provider of bike sharing solutions and urban mobility pioneer, PBSC’s team develops, markets and operates – directly through its subsidiary operator, or indirectly through a global network of local partners – the most advanced and customizable urban solutions for smart cities. Recognized as a catalyst for social innovation, PBSC currently has three models of bicycles – ICONIC, FIT and BOOST (e-bike) – deployed around the world and continues to expand its global footprint.

Stay tuned as we continue to transform urban mobility in this beautiful country!

To learn more, feel free to read our official press release.

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