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8,000 bikes and 680 stations to be deployed across Brazil

Montreal, July 5, 2017 – PBSC Urban Solutions is thrilled to announce that tembici and Itaú Unibanco have chosen its solutions and technology for the renewal and major expansion of urban bike-sharing systems across Brazil. In total, 8,000 bikes and 680 stations will be deployed across several Brazilian cities, starting as early as September 2017. When completed, the PBSC-enabled tembici network will be the largest bike-sharing system in South America.

This expansion follows a series of recent announcements by PBSC, which namely saw the successful deployment of 1,000 FIT bikes in Honolulu and the installation of the world’s northernmost bike-sharing system, in Reykjavik, Iceland. “We are extremely excited to expand into South America with an agreement of this magnitude and scope, thus strengthening our position as the world leader in bike-sharing solutions,” said Luc Sabbatini, CEO of PBSC Urban Solutions. “PBSC adapts its mobility solutions to the specific needs and requirements of each city and is proud to have conceived a tailor-made solution for Brazilians. We look forward to leveraging our unique solutions and deep experience to deploy, alongside tembici, a world-class urban movement solution in Brazil.”

FIT bikes will be strolling around Brazil

After years of ongoing innovation, product development and superior service, PBSC’s systems are renowned worldwide as the most robust and reliable in the industry. An orange version of the FIT bike model, part of the family of bikes developed by PBSC, will be the new generation of “Itaú orange bikes”. The FIT was selected for its smart ergonomics and sleek and modern design, providing a great riding experience for all cyclists. The system will be operated by tembici., known for their expertise in managing successful bike-share projects in South America.

“After travelling the world to learn more about different bike-share solutions, we are confident that PBSC Urban Solutions is the ideal partner to improve our projects in Brazil and to bring to South America the best technology and infrastructure in the bike-sharing industry,” says Tomás Martins, CEO of tembici. “There is no doubt that the biggest winners of this exciting partnership will be the riders and the cities.”

A promising partnership with Itaú Unibanco

Itaú Unibanco has championed sustainable urban mobility as one of their official causes. And it proved to be a successful decision, since it has stimulated more people to use bicycles as a means of transportation. Having done so for the past few years, the next step was to elevate the quality of service and satisfaction. PBSC was the obvious choice to do just that.

“This will represent a major transformation for the system, which is celebrating six years and 20 million user trips in 2017,” says Luciana Nicola, Senior Manager for Governmental and Institutional Relations at Itaú Unibanco. “Our goal is to take the bike-sharing experience in Brazil to another level, by being more secure, efficient and sustainable.”

About PBSC Urban Solutions

With over 160 million rides since its beginning, PBSC Urban Solutions is the world-leader in public bike-sharing solutions. Its systems use solar-powered wireless terminals and cutting-edge technology that is adaptable and easy to use. PBSC is the only bike-sharing provider offering cities three different types of bikes: the ICONIC, the FIT and the BOOST, a pedal-assist electric bike. PBSC is a pioneer in public bike-sharing solutions and, following its vision to change the world one city at a time, continues to pave the way in sustainable alternatives to traditional urban transportation worldwide.

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