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Una solución de bicicletas eléctricas compartidas es lo adecuado para el estilo de vida futurista y conectado de Dubái. Así que, por primera vez, construimos una solución urbana exclusivamente con bicicletas E-FIT, creando el elegante y eficiente sistema Careem Bike.

Bike-share in the desert?

Seems improbable — and kind of sweaty — but together with the Middle East’s top ride-hailing company Careem, and Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), we’re making it happen. In 2020, the Emirate will be home to Careem Bike, the region’s first large-scale electric bike-share scheme.

“We are pleased and excited to launch the first-of-its-kind multi-phase program in the region. We extend our gratitude to all community stakeholders who played a significant role in supporting the initiative and helped us provide our services to the residents and the visitors alike.”

Mr. Mudassir Sheikha CEO and Co-Founder of Careem

Careem BIKE

Dubai’s taken steps to improve mobility infrastructure in recent years through a network of cycling lanes, with plans to more than double these dedicated thoroughfares by 2030. We think the E-FIT is the perfect vehicle to help the city’s residents and visitors take advantage of these efforts. While Dubai’s topography is relatively flat, the e-bike will give riders a boost when temperatures soar, reducing the amount of energy required to pedal.

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PBSC fabrica su propia tecnología avanzada y fácil de usar.

Nuestras soluciones tecnológicas incluyen el software de gestión basado en la nube, la aplicación PBSC, las estaciones inteligentes y el dispositivo de anclaje patentado que bloquea tu bicicleta y se comunica con el sistema operativo.