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  • Introducing 4,000 ICONIC bikes to the Argentinian capital, doubling the shared bikes available in the city
  • Installation of 400 solar-powered smart stations is underway, all equipped with backlit ad panels

PBSC Urban Solutions, global provider of sustainable urban mobility systems, is pleased to announce another successful rollout in South America. Once again, PBSC has stepped in and demonstrated its expertise in replacing an existing system, executing a seamless transition while implementing an urban mobility solution that is geared to the specific needs of the city.

This latest rollout represents another major success for PBSC, enhancing its presence within Latin America.  The urban mobility pioneer is already well established in six cities across Brazil - São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Recife, Vila Velha, Porto Alegre and Salvador, as well as in the Chilean capital of Santiago. With the addition of 4,000 industry-leading ICONIC bikes in Buenos Aires, there are now over 17,000 PBSC bikes on the streets of South America alone.

This latest development is the result of PBSC’s continued collaboration with Brazilian-based Tembici., specialists in the operation of bike share systems and industry leaders in their field. PBSC’s longstanding efforts in this market are resonating with users as ridership numbers continue to climb, securing their status as the premier provider of bike share solutions in South America.

The Ecobici system will maintain compatibility with local transit cards, and the app with its user-friendly interface will ensure a seamless transition for all riders. Access to the new system will be offered free of charge for both tourists and residents of Buenos Aires.


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