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Aloha Honolulu! PBSC Urban Solutions is proud to announce the launch of Biki in Hawaii! Biki just went live and it is the first ever system to use our FIT bikes, resistant to the tropical heat conditions and salty sea air of Hawaii. Biki is using PBSC’s solutions of both hardware and software, renowned for their quality and smart use of technology. The 100 stations will be conveniently placed, no further than a five-minute walk apart so that a user never needs to worry about where to pick up or drop off one of the 1,000 bikes.

Thanks to a successful collaboration between PBSC, Biki, and Secure Bike Share, we are confident that it will become their new favourite way to get around. “We take pride in working closely with our partners to ensure our technology and hardware suit each location’s urban environment. PBSC understands that every city is different, which is why we are excited to provide Bikeshare Hawaii with our new generation of FIT bikes, the perfect design for Honolulu’s needs,” said Luc Sabbatini, CEO of PBSC Urban Solutions.

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