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Featuring self-sufficient, solar-powered stations and advanced technologies, the VeloCorvin system is an innovative, modern solution.

A reinvented urban mobility 

Located in the south-western Transylvania region in Romania, Hunedoara boasts a rich history. Primarily known for housing one of the country's largest and oldest castles, the cultural city is looking to modernize its urban mobility.

In an effort to provide its 70,000+ inhabitants - not to mention tourists - with a new mobility option that is both eco-friendly and healthy for its residents, the city implemented an innovative, and sustainable bike-sharing system: the VeloCorvin solution. 

Deployed in collaboration with our partner SUMS, the system is equipped with our trusted ICONIC bikes. Known for their sturdiness and reliability, our bikes are the ideal companion for everyday journeys.

Innovative technology for the city of Hunedoara  

The VeloCorvin system features our Scan & Go technology. The PBSC mobile application allows users to quickly locate and unlock bikes by scanning the QR code using their smartphone. Simple and convenient! 

Our bikes are also equipped with an innovative feature that promotes flexibility when commuting: a smart lock. This technology allows users to lock the bike outside dedicated stations, enabling them to make temporary stops during their journey. This feature guarantees the safety of the bike, while giving users the freedom to move around according to their needs.

Finally, the VeloCorvin solution is resolutely committed to sustainability, as it features smart solar stations; self-sufficient energy stations powered by solar panels. This approach also promotes the use of renewable energies in urban infrastructure. 

PBSC is delighted to continue its expansion in Romania with the launch of this active and sustainable solution in Hunedoara! 

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