Why ride With Us?

Our urban solutions were the first to be implemented on a large scale. An urban solution that is sustainable, easy to implement, and relies on smart technologies. It also looks gorgeous!

84,000 bikes

6,800 smart stations

350 M rides

33 cities

our values

At PBSC, we are changing the world, one city at a time, embracing the collective power of micromobility. Together as one team, we are driven by passion, imagination and performance.

We share a common will to succeed that powers all of our products and solutions.

We are committed, generous and ambitious people. We believe in always doing the right thing.

We value having fun! And we care intensely about bringing happiness to the world. #HappyPBSC 🙂

We are solution-driven and out-of-the-box thinkers.

We focus on creativity and believe that innovation isn’t just an idea. It’s a daily practice. 

We learn. We adapt. We invest. We aspire to influence the future.

We offer sustainable world-class mobility solutions to communities around the world.

We go above and beyond in matters of efficiency and agility. We strive to achieve or exceed our objectives.

We believe in creating value and making a difference in everything we do, for the future generations.

We take pride in upholding an environment that fosters collaboration and respect. 

We believe in empowerment. We hold ourselves accountable, by being proactive and client focused.

We celebrate people. We believe that teamwork is the cornerstone of our success.

Creation in Montreal of a new private non-profit organization,
the Public Bike System Company.


BIXI bikes land in Montreal with its first expansion of 3,000 bikes and 300 stations.

Montreal – Canada


The system conquers the world: Installations on three continents

Minneapolis – USA | London – England | Washington D.C. – USA | Melbourne – Australia


Boston – USA | Toronto – Canada


Chattanooga – USA


New York – USA | Stony Brook University – USA | Aspen – USA | San Francisco – USA | Chicago – USA | Columbus – USA


Guadalajara –  Mexico


Luc Sabbatini becomes PBSC’s new CEO.

2M$ invested in research and development.

Toluca – Mexico | Expansions in Chicago, London, Washington, Cambridge and Guadalajara


Launch of a new family of next-generation bikes


Kona – USA | Expansions in Toronto, Chicago, Washington DC, Aspen and Minneapolis


Launch of PBSC Media

Recife – Brazil | Detroit, Honolulu, Louisville, Tucson – USA | Reykjavik – Iceland | Aruba | Expansions in Montreal, Toronto and Chicago


5M$ invested in research and development for a total over the years of 10M$

Valence, France | Nicosia, Cyprus | Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Brazil, Porto Alegre, Vila Velha and Salvador – Brazil


Launch of the E-FIT

Barcelona, Spain |  Monaco | Buenos Aires,  Argentina | Santiago, Chile | Expansions in Montreal, Toronto, Valence, Detroit, Aspen, Chattanooga, Columbus and Hilo


Dubai, United Arab Emirates