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Bogotá's residents and visitors can take advantage of our large bike-sharing system, which includes a mixed fleet of bikes and e-bikes, to ride the city's extensive network of bike paths, which cover 550 km.

A cycling culture 

As one of the world's largest metropolises, Bogotá, formerly known as "Santa Fe de Bogotá", has very specific environmental goals. The emblematic Colombian city seeks to have a long-term positive impact on the local population and the environment. This includes the development of the cycling culture. 

With more than 550 km of bicycle paths that cross the city, Bogota has one of the most important cycling networks in the world. It is therefore quite natural that the city has implemented a new customized, healthy and eco-friendly bike-sharing solution

“I am especially proud of this project, which was a proposal in a pioneering format in the world. I am sure that bicycles will be even more present in the routine of the entire population, contributing to more efficient, economical and non-polluting trips, making the city of Bogotá even more democratic and better for everyone”, highlighted Tomás Martins, CEO and co-founder of Tembici.

A healthy, sustainable and active solution 

The urban sustainable transportation project is the result of a partnership between the District Mobility Secretariat (SDM), PBSC Urban Solutions, and Tembici. The system, operational since fall 2022, includes a mixed fleet of regular FIT bikes and E-FIT electric-assist bikes. This customized solution makes active commuting more accessible to a wider range of people, including those who might hesitate to ride a regular bike because of their physical condition, the travel distance or the effort involved. 

In a press release announcing the city’s new system, Nicolás Estupiñán, Secretary of Mobility, shared that the Bogota bike sharing program will stretch across a 27km area that includes Usaquén, Chapinero, Barrios Unidos, Santa Fe and La Candelaria. 

“It is with great pride in the PBSC team and in our partnership with Tembici that we take on this latest micromobility system implementation. We have full confidence that we will see the same great impact on environment, on transport and on people’s health and happiness, that we have seen in over forty cities around the world up until today. Bogota is an incredible city, a true wonder of the world with a great cycling culture, and we are excited to be part of their story and their success.” Gian-Carlo Crivello, CRO at PBSC Urban Solutions.

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