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PBSC Urban Solutions has been recognized by Acquisition International (AI) for Excellence in Bicycle-Sharing Systems in North America for 2021. With close to 50,000 of their bikes (including 3000 e-bikes) currently in more than 20 cities across the United States, Mexico and Canada, their fleet is only growing in popularity as the need for more sustainability and micromobility continues to expand. 

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PBSC works with partners across the North American market, including Bixi Montréal, àVélo Québec, Bike Share Toronto, WE-cycle Aspen, Bike Chattanooga, Biki (Honolulu) and MoGo (Detroit), just to name a small segment of their ecosystem.

PBSC is growing its brand of bike-share solutions globally and at a rapid rate. With increasing demand for sustainable urban transit alternatives in North America, Latin America, Europe and the United Arab Emirates, their bikes and Smart Stations can be seen in many parts of the world today.  

As more cities in both the U.S., Mexico and Canada look to scale up their New Mobility options with greener alternatives, Bike Share has become a clear winner in the race to modernize. With proven health benefits for riders, progressively smarter technology and the huge environmental benefit of lowering carbon emissions, it’s clear to see why the industry for Bike Sharing is steadily expanding—and this is just the beginning. 

“Our PBSC team has been and continues to tirelessly pursue innovation and ways to make transport greener, smarter and most of all—accessible to all. On behalf of all our passionate and talented employees, it is with pride that we accept this award for Excellence in Bike Sharing Systems in North America from Acquisition International,” says Luc Sabbatini, CEO of PBSC. 

Acquisition International published an article on PBSC following their latest award, in which they wrote, “Everyone involved at every level looks not to the challenges of today, but to the needs of tomorrow when they’re making decisions.” In 2020, PBSC announced the launch of their Multimodal solution for charging e-bikes and e-scooters in the same Smart-Stations with cross-compatible securing docks. This is only one of many industry-changing innovations their team has been working on bringing to the New Mobility market. When you consider how quickly their E-FIT electric pedal-assist bikes and Smart Stations have started to spread in cities across the globe, it demonstrates their popularity with users. 

Read more about PBSC in Acquisition International’s latest issue, where they look at the company’s journey from its beginning and how it’s helping drive environmentally friendly communities all around the world. Full article here. 

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