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Since its inception two years ago, the FIT has come a long way, with 10,000 bikes already in circulation across two continents and seven cities – this bike gets around. In less than a year we have logged over a million trips taken with the FIT, which translates to record high figures in terms of number of trips per bike per day.

The FIT shares the same ergonomic design as the much loved ICONIC, but lighter and with a smaller frame. For the rider, this means easier handling and greater maneuverability.

Designed to accommodate riders of all sizes with maximum responsiveness, the FIT has been well received in Honolulu, and is now establishing itself in South America by way of Brazil. The numbers reveal a true success story, one where ridership is increasing and more people are foregoing driving in favour of hopping in the saddle.

PBSC has worked with tembici. to launch the most extensive bike-sharing system in South America, and is now advancing urban mobility in six cities across Brazil, including Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. The bright orange bikes were created to match the vibrancy of these cities, and the buena onda of the Latin American culture.

The FIT has been generating buzz since the first major rollout in Honolulu and now all across Brazil. We can’t wait to see where else this bike will take us. At PBSC Urban Solutions we are always looking to see how our urban mobility solutions can lend themselves to other cities, continuing to establish ourselves as the premiere provider of bike-sharing systems worldwide.

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