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As of August 2021, there are nearly 10 million shared bikes and 3,000 bike sharing systems across the world.

Find bike share operators or service providers in your city using the Meddin Bike-Sharing World Map, proudly sponsored by PBSC Urban Solutions.

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What is The Meddin Bike-Sharing World Map? 

The Meddin Bike-Sharing World Map provides a map of the world’s bike share services (short-term bike and e-bike rentals available across networks of mobility hubs), along with a directory of information about the global growth of the bicycling sharing market.
Started in 2007 by Paul DeMaio as “The Bike-sharing World Map”, a bike share system map and directory of two-wheeled micromobility service providers, it has become the go-to resource for information on bike sharing across different cities.

Who Runs The Meddin Bike-Sharing World Map?

For over a decade, Russel Meddin, carefully curated the regularly updated map to ensure it accounted for the industry’s rapid expansion, now counting over 3,000 bicycle-sharing systems worldwide. The latest version, launched in 2020, has been renamed: The Meddin Bike-sharing World Map to honor Russel’s dedication and positive impact on the bike share industry. It is maintained and kept up to date by a team of bikeshare enthusiasts from around the world and exists as a truly collaborative tool that is available to everyone in the Micromobility world.
PBSC provides ongoing sponsorship to The Meddin Bike-sharing World Map, as we believe it  highly valuable tool to keep track of and understand the ever-expanding world of shared micro-mobility and its growth and impact across different cities.

What Information Can I Find About Bike Sharing Systems on the Map? 

As the leading map of bike share services across the world, you can inform yourself on everything from the number of bike sharing stations in a given city, the number of bikes, the status of bicycles and electric bicycles (open, suspended, closed for the winter, etc), as well as on planned stations and bike share systems.
In addition, the bike sharing world map provides information on the current bike share system provider, operator and whether it is dock-based or dockless.

How Many Shared Bikes Are There in the World Today?

There are 10 million bikes and e-bikes shared in diverse kinds of schemes across the world as of August 2021.

How Many Bike Sharing Systems Currently Exist?

According to the data compiled by the team behind the Meddin bike sharing map, there are currently over 3,000 bike share systems in cities around the globe. 

Can I Find Reports on Bike Share Across the World and its Impact on Cities?

In October 2021, the team behind Meddin’s bike sharing map released their latest report on the global bicycle-sharing industry. With ten consecutive years of work, research and data, they wanted to create a report that highlights the changes that the bike sharing industry saw during the COVID-19 pandemic, showcases its resilience and growth and demonstrates the potential of biking and cyclist infrastructure overall in providing cities with a sustainable means of transportation.

You can find the report here

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