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PBSC has been recognized by Frost & Sullivan as the 2021 Technology Market Leader in the Latin American Bikesharing Industry, for Excellence in Best Practices. With 20,000 of our beloved bikes currently on the streets of 11 dynamic Latin American cities and recently added 1,000 E-FIT in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. 
Working together with our partners in the Latin American market including Brazilian operator tembici. and Mexican operator BKT bicipública, our PBSC bike-share solutions are currently operating in Santiago (Chile); Buenos Aires (Argentina); Guadalajara and Toluca (Mexico); and in Brazil; Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, Salvador, São Paulo, Recife, Vila Velha and Riviera de São Lourenço in Bertioga.  

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The PBSC family is thrilled to provide best-in-class equipment, innovative technologies, and specialized expertise to these vibrant cities. We’re proud to have a presence on several continents, yet our growing success in Latin America stands out as an inspired example of what’s possible when cities and citizens embrace the collective power of bike-sharing.” 
“On behalf of our PBSC team, thank you, Frost & Sullivan, for this award, it means a lot to have our achievements in the Latin American market so beautifully recognized,” says Luc Sabbatini, CEO of PBSC. “We’re particularly proud that this prize also considered our innovative technologies, partnerships, and the way we offer an unparalleled bike-share experience that encourages sustainability. We’d also like to thank the cities, operators, and all the cyclists throughout Latin America who are enthusiastically joining the urban bike-sharing movement.”  
With analysis criteria that considered our "strong performance" in areas like “leadership, 
technological innovation, customer service, strategic product development” and more, each year, Frost & Sullivan awards a company that “demonstrates excellence in growth and customer value, and recognizes a company’s increased market share over time,” explained the firm in a recent press release. 
“PBSC has a portfolio of success stories across the world in the implementation of smart shared micromobility solutions in cities with different histories, weather conditions, topologies, cultures, communities, transportation behaviors, and pre-existing transport infrastructure and urban design,” says Frost & Sullivan’s Martin Singla, Industry Analyst, Automotive & Transportation. “PBSC leads in the implementation of micromobility projects offering the flexibility to adapt to each city's reality while ensuring maximum operational efficiency.” 
To celebrate this recognition, let us dive into the award-winning bike-share solutions in LATAM (and beyond): https://bit.ly/2Pojmma 
As regions around the world become more environmentally conscious and commit to developing eco-friendly micromobility infrastructures and bike-share networks, PBSC hopes our solutions in Latin America keeps contributing to this shift. Thank you again to Frost & Sullivan, and to our cities, partners, and cyclists in this exciting market for your trust. Here is to active people, smart cities, healthy planet! 

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