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A decade after our ICONIC launched a mobility movement on the streets of Montreal, our latest model, the E-FIT, is joining that city’s BIXI bike-share network. Starting today, 120 of the electric pedal-assist bikes will be available to BIXI users in a pilot project that runs until mid-November. The test will give Montrealers a chance to discover what a little power can do for their ride.



Same, same ….

We designed the three-speed E-FIT as well as our original BOOST e-bike, to fit seamlessly into existing public bike-share schemes, removing barriers for cities and operators that want to offer mixed fleets. For Montreal riders, this means there's no learning curve. The E-FIT uses the same locking mechanism as  the bike they know and love,  and can be docked at any BIXI station, while the rental process is the same regardless of the bike you're checking out.

… But more powerful

We like to say that our e-bikes will take you further, faster: The E-FIT’s central motor, for instance, can propel riders up to 32 km/h and has an autonomy range of up to 70 km. But they’re also smarter. When coupled with our E-Station, the e-bikes start charging right at the dock and our built-in technology lets operators monitor battery health from afar, so riders aren't left disappointed.

Home-grown affair

In the past few months, we’ve successfully launched our e-bike technology in cities such as Barcelona, Monaco and Detroit. But we can’t deny that there’s something special about introducing our best-in-class products to the city we call home. Despite tough winters that make for a shorter cycling season, Montrealers get bike-share — BIXI’s ridership numbers are amongst the best in the world. We’re excited about this evolution of the BIXI program toward e-bikes. We think our fellow riders will be too.



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