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At PBSC, we believe that getting from point A to point B is always better when you’re having fun along the way.

Our latest short film #HAPPYPBSC ? centers around three heroes: the people, the bikes and the city itself. Together, they are helping to change the world. Filmed in the streets of Montreal, #HAPPYPBSC ? highlights the joys of responsible urban mobility. Changing the world, one city at a time – It’s a bold statement, and one that we feel fully confident making. It’s who we are, it’s the inspiration behind all that we do.

#HAPPYPBSC ? celebrates the people who are a part of our urban mobility movement, as well as the cities who are taking the initiative to help us change the world, one bike at a time.

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Changing the world one city at a time.


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PBSC’s advanced, user-friendly technology is built in-house. In addition to our bikes, e-scooters and Smart Stations, we offer an app for users, management system for operators, and much more.