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This major system overhaul will be led by a joint venture between tembici., leading system operator in South America, Itaú Unibanco, program sponsor and urban mobility advocate, and PBSC Urban Solutions, a leading global provider of bike sharing solutions.

This new bike sharing service in Porto Alegre will also be compatible with the local Tricard payment system, thus enhancing the natural fit of this new system within the city’s existing infrastructure.

A Natural FIT

Recognized as the greenest state capital of the country and host to a world-famous contemporary art manifestation, as well as to iconic social and environmental summits, the progressive city of Porto Alegre naturally embodies innovation in all its forms. The new PBSC stations and bikes will definitely do this great city justice by bringing increased comfort and ease to the overall rider experience through the addition of various payment and unlocking options.

While smartphones will still be a great way to access the new bike sharing system, users will also be able to pay with cash at designated sales points across the city, or with a credit card directly at the docking station.

Zero Compromise on Safety

Other great features of the new bikes are their inherent sturdiness and custom design which will help to increase riders’ safety.  Countless hours of research and development were put to good use by a team of experts at the PBSC lab for the creation of the FIT bike, which presents state-of-the-art safety features and one-of-a-kind design that make it virtually impossible to steal and resell its parts.

All of the award-winning features of PBSC’s ICONIC legacy model are also present on this adapted version, including world-class ergonomics and a sleek design finished in a bright orange which is sure to make heads turn in the coming days.

This new bike sharing service in Porto Alegre is the result of an ever-growing relationship between Brazil and PBSC Urban Solutions. Stay tuned for our next announcements!

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