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Sibiu Bike City's first expansion

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The bike-sharing system of the charming city of Sibiu, Romania, has recently expanded. 100 FIT bikes and 8 more stations have been added to the fleet, which now features a total of 640 FIT bikes and 57 smart stations.

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PBSC's 2023 retrospective

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PBSC wishes you a wonderful new year !  
As we embarked on this new year with enthusiasm, boasting over 600 million rides on PBSC bikes worldwide, we took one last look at 2023 and summed up the key highlights & major success!

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Our partners 2023 highlights

bicimad-retouches-pf.png (1.54 MB)

Last year was a thriving one for Madrid's new solution. Bicimad recorded over 7.6M trips in one year, an increase of 95% compared to the previous year (when the system was provided by another supplier). The system has over 344,000 subscribers, with an average of 900 registrations per day. Congrats Bicimad!

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torotnot.png (4.41 MB)
Bike Share Toronto reached record numbers in 2023. More than 5.7 million trips were completed in Toronto, nearly a million more rides than the year before. This saved an average of 12.1 million pounds of CO2 (5.4M kg). Congrats Bike Share Toronto!

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honolulu.png (4.85 MB)
In Honolulu, nearly 800,000 rides were made on Biki bikes in 2023, and the network now counts over 17,000 active members. These trips have helped save the equivalent of 1.9 million pounds of CO2 (861,000 kg).  Congratulations Biki!

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guadalajara-retouches.png (1.30 MB)
MiBici also had a successful year! Guadalajara's bike-sharing solution recorded more than 3.9 million journeys last year and welcomed more than 21,000 new members. 
Well done MiBici!

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Nuestras ciudades

PBSC fabrica su propia tecnología avanzada y fácil de usar.

Nuestras soluciones tecnológicas incluyen el software de gestión basado en la nube, la aplicación PBSC, las estaciones inteligentes y el dispositivo de anclaje patentado que bloquea tu bicicleta y se comunica con el sistema operativo.