It’s leading the way

Our solutions were the first to be implemented on a large scale. Our breakthrought plug-and-play modules, powered by solar energy or hardwired, are not only the simplest to use, they also have a positive environmental impact.

It looks great

Our solutions were created from a clean sheet of paper. The brief: beautiful stations and bikes designed to withstand the stress of the urban jungle and the rigours of the most extreme climates, year after year.

It works

PBSC’s solutions use only the latest and smartest technologies, yet each is conceived with simplicity and reliability in mind. Our innovations get rave reviews!

It’s easy to manage

There is no simpler way to implement a bike-sharing system. Each component can be installed within minutes, without excavation and comes with real-time, easy-to-use management software and user apps.

Everyone loves it

Because it leads the way, it works, it’s easy to manage and it looks great. Our solutions are seen around the world.